Controlled Dismantling

Although accustomed to erecting parking and other types of structures built with precast concrete components, should the need to remove a precast structure arise, Precast Services, Inc. is at your service.

For projects where blasting or a wrecking ball is not an option, Precast Services, Inc. can provide all services necessary to remove the structure safely including detailed bracing and stability analysis’ planning/plans as may be required.

Let our experience working with many precast concrete fabricators who utilize a variety of precast component shapes, sizes, and connection types, help you in determining the safest, most cost effective methods to remove your precast concrete structure.

Control Towers

Put Precast Services, Inc. at the top of your erectors list for those projects you know are going to present challenges in the field right from the start.

From elaborate rigging configurations and specialized lifting beams, to cantilevered panel hoists and turning cradles, Precast Services, Inc. will present you with the best possible solutions to meet or exceed the demands of your next project.

Just as you adjust the design of your products to conform to the architects vision of a modern structure, our knowledgeable team of managers and professional field personnel devise methods to safely erect what are often heavy, odd shaped panels in place.

Detroit Metropolitan Airport
Detroit, MI

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport
Hebron, Kentucky

Louisville International Airport
Louisville, KY

Flint Airport
Flint, MI

Data Centers

Erection of this 250,000 s.f. total precast building, also referred to as NFX, at it’s peak involved two cranes and crews working twelve hour days, seven days a week. The complex structure utilized specially constructed “Jumbo Tee’s” measuring a whopping 120’ in length.

Correctional Facilities

The new Fayette County Detention Center is located in the heart of Lexington Kentucky amid the rolling bluegrass and in the heart of horse country. Because of this the city and county agreed that not just any ordinary jail will do. The solution? Disguise it as a horse farm. Opened in May 2000, the facility, which can house up to 1,200 inmates, incorporates leading edge corrections design: video conferencing capabilities, a “jail within a jail” assessment center, and modular living areas where one guard can supervise 40 inmates.

The design of the facility is such that none of the inmate housing will be visible from the scenic Old Frankfort Pike which leads to some of the world’s most famous thoroughbred horse farms. Passers-by will see only a landscaped hill, topped by an administration building designed to look like the main house a horse farm, with brick facing and cupolas on the roof. A low stone wall extends to either side of the main building, adding to the appearance. The Jail is behind the hill, laid out in a fan shape below the main building.

The construction of the project itself, lead by Project Foreman Don Phillips and Dave Rustemeyer, involved the placement of two levels of cell units. Precast Services wishes to thank the entire crew for another job well done.

Stack Wall Structures

Beacon Hill is  the new dorm at Valparaiso University in Indiana.


Football, Baseball, Soccer, Basketball, Hockey?  No matter, Precast Services, Inc. is ready for the challenge of erecting your next Stadium or Arena project.

Large projects especially demand an erector with the knowledge and experience to bring the project in on time and on budget.

To attain this goal, Precast Services, Inc. not only works closely with the customer, but also with the General Contractor and/or Construction Manager to coordinate efforts among the multiple contractors on site to maintain productive and efficient erection of the product.

Let our team help your team score big on your next Stadium or Arena Project.



From simple wall panels to complex panels of various sizes and shapes, our team is committed to erect every panel with care to exemplify the design of the completed structure and minimize patch work.

Precast Services, Inc.’ team of Project Managers will review all connections and, if feasible, suggest alternate connection types which reduce the amount of labor involved and ultimately, provide savings to the customer.

Our experience erecting facades on both steel and cast‐in‐place structures will become your advantage if issues arise due to missing embeds or out of plumb structural steel.

Our crews are capable of identifying these types of issues early in the erection process to provide opportunity for mediation and allow erection to continue without delay.

Parking Garages

Whether your next project is a single level deck or fourteen elevated levels, our PCI S2 Qualification in the erection of complex structural systems ensures compliance with stringent erection standards.

Precast Services, Inc. provides layout crews to survey all projects prior to erection to identify conflicts and verify that embedded hardware placement is accurate. This information is then transmitted to you, the customer, so any corrections can be made by the Construction Manager or General Contractor
prior to the arrival of product, equipment, and labor.

Precast Services, Inc. can erect your product in a wide array of weather conditions further reducing delays to the construction schedule.