Correctional Facilities

The new Fayette County Detention Center is located in the heart of Lexington Kentucky amid the rolling bluegrass and in the heart of horse country. Because of this the city and county agreed that not just any ordinary jail will do. The solution? Disguise it as a horse farm. Opened in May 2000, the facility, which can house up to 1,200 inmates, incorporates leading edge corrections design: video conferencing capabilities, a “jail within a jail” assessment center, and modular living areas where one guard can supervise 40 inmates.

The design of the facility is such that none of the inmate housing will be visible from the scenic Old Frankfort Pike which leads to some of the world’s most famous thoroughbred horse farms. Passers-by will see only a landscaped hill, topped by an administration building designed to look like the main house a horse farm, with brick facing and cupolas on the roof. A low stone wall extends to either side of the main building, adding to the appearance. The Jail is behind the hill, laid out in a fan shape below the main building.

The construction of the project itself, lead by Project Foreman Don Phillips and Dave Rustemeyer, involved the placement of two levels of cell units. Precast Services wishes to thank the entire crew for another job well done.