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Subcontractor for architectural and structural precast components

Architectural and Structural Precast

PRECAST SERVICES, INC. is a subcontractor specializing in the erection of architectural and structural precast components for parking garages, exterior building facades, interior decorative panels, athletic stadiums, control towers, prisons and more.

Weather your next project is a single level deck or fourteen elevated levels our PCI S2 Qualification in the erection of complex structural precast components, ensures compliance with stringent erection standards.

Precast Services, Inc. offers complete sub-contracting services and understands the unique field installation requirements of each project, the cost ramifications, the importance of complete project management, and the critical nature of competent business management.

Precast Services, Inc. looks forward to the prospect of erecting your products in a manner which exemplifies the design of the completed structure. Contact us now